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Ranger Camping Online - Australia's Family Camping Equipment Specialists
Ranger Camping Online - Australia's Family Camping Equipment Specialists
Chescold / Electrolux Fridge / Freezers

Ranger Camping carry upto 5 brands of portable fridge / freezers at any one time, so that we can cater for the serious offroader, successful fishermen, and the humble family camper.

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F400 EXPLORER- 3 WAY FRIDGE / FREEZER 10.280.0008 $861.85

The advantages of three way operation - 12v, 240v or LP Gas combined with a moulded cabinet and a high performance tropicalised cooling unit turns the Explorer into a go anywhere refrigerator /freezer.

Enjoy complete freedom and comfort anywhere you choose to go- four wheel driving, camping, caravanning and even at home on the patio. The Explorer will provide you with a great deal of outdoor pleasure.

  • Size: Height 500mm, Width 610mm, Depth 510mm. Gross capacity 39 litres.
  • Consumption:
    • Electric 240 volts,120 watts
    • Battery 12 volts, 120 watts, 10 amps
    • Gas (LP) - 0.86 MJ/H (375g per day) approx.
  • Weight empty 23kg.
RC1180 COMBI BOX - 3 WAY FRIDGE / FREEZER 10.280.0029 $1154.25

A single unit that refrigerates and freezes! The removable internal divider is used to split the Combi Box into one compartment for refrigeration and another for freezing. When the divider is removed, the whole unit becomes one powerful refrigerator.

The RC1180 Combi Box is extremely flexible. Featuring a moulded cabinet for extra strength and with its removable divider it is the ideal ref/freezer for people on the move. With a choice of three way operation -LP Gas, 12 Volt or 240 Volt you can take it anywhere, use it anywhere.

  • Size: Height 525mm, Width 665mm, Depth 505mm. Gross capacity 50 litres approx. (Refrigerator 30 litres and freezer 16 litres and divider 4 litres).
  • Consumption:
    • Electric 240 volts, 115 watt
    • Battery 12 volts,115 watts, 9.5 amps
    • Gas (LP) 0.86 MJ/H (375 grams per day) approx.
  • Weight when empty 25kg.
F60 - 3 WAY FRIDGE / FREEZER 10.280.0028 $1152.25

Features side mounted controls. Large capacity 59 litre refrigerator freezer.

Thick insulation and full aluminium liner for extra performance.

Gas/electric thermostat to vary the temperature from fridge to freezer.

Ideal for fisherman, shooters, caravans and four wheel drives- anywhere you may need extra freezer space.

  • Size: Height 650mm, Width 550mm, Depth 585mm. Gross capacity 59 litres approx.
  • Consumption:
    • Electric 240 volts, 160 watts
    • Battery 12 volts, 160 watts, 13 amps
    • Gas(LP) 1.04 MJ/H (475 grams per day) approx.
  • Weight empty 33kg.

The new generation portable refrigerator with a high performing cooling unit and robust colour bond steel cabinet.

Lightweight and economical to run (just look at the stats on gas!) on any of three power sources: LP Gas, 12 Volt, 240 Volt.

  • Size: Height 445mm, Width 530mm, Depth 460mm. Gross capacity approximately 33 litres.
  • Consumption:
    • Electric 240 volts, 75 watts
    • Battery 12 volts, 75 watts
    • Gas(LP): 0.481 MJ/H (250 grams per day) approx.
  • Weight: 15kg


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