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Ranger Camping Online - Australia's Family Camping Equipment Specialists
Ranger Camping Online - Australia's Family Camping Equipment Specialists
Portable Fridge / Freezers Index

Ranger Camping carry upto 5 brands of portable fridge / freezers at any one time, so that we can cater for the serious offroader, successful fishermen, and the humble family camper.

The most popular of these is listed below:

Chescold / Electolux Portable 3-Way Fridge / Freezers

Chescold fridge / freezers operate in a 3-way configuration. This means that they can run on LP Gas, 12v (car cigarette lighter, solar panels, or car battery), or on 240v (mains voltage found in Australian homes and most camping grounds).

Chescold fridge / freezers operate on what is termed a "heat exchange" system, meaning that by making the element on the rear of the fridge warm, the fridge can become cold inside. It follows therfore that Chescolds have no moving parts, no motor, and then no noise!

Made by one of the largest whitegoods manufacturers, Electrolux, Chescold has many dealers/ repairer registered around Australia.

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Engel - Portable 12/240 v Fridge / Freezers

Engel fridge / freezers have been the choice car fridge / freezer in Australia for the last 35 years, especially for the 4WD market.

Engel fridge / freezers utilize a swing arm motor, renounded for its reliability, it is common place to still come across 30 year old Engels still going!

This motor configuration also allows Engels to run perfectly upto 30 degrees off level, making them perfect for off-road use.

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Waeco - Portable 12v Fridge / Freezers

Waeco - Portable 12v Thermoelectric Cooler Boxes


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