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W.A's World-Class 963km Walk Trail

  1. The Friends of the Bibbulmun Track - A detailed page about the 'Friends', why the friends need you, member benefits and a cost table for joining.
  2. Bibbulmun Track - Distances from Northern Terminus - First released by the Friends: A Detailed listing of distances between points along the track, (measured from the northern end).
  3. Bibbulmun Track Accommodation and Services Guide - A guide, published by the Friends, offering alternative accommodation and services but still close to the track. The listing covers: Kalamunda / Mundaring, Dwellingup / Pinjarra, Collie, Mumballup, Balingup, Nannup / Bridgetown, Donnelly River / Manjimup, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Walpole, Nornalup / Peaceful Bay / Tingledale, Denmark, Young's Siding / Torbay / Lowlands Beach, and Albany
  4. Bibbulmun Track Transport Agents and Tour Operators - A useful listing for those with little time or less energy. As arranged by the Friends.
  5. The Friends of the Bibbulmun Track - (Off-site) The Friends' page. Contains info. on events, walkers' notice board, accommodation & services and the latest news. - Sponsored by AlphaWest.

First conceived in the 1970's, this innovative track has survived many changes, Governments, users and care-takers but it's driving force has remained the same-to encourage people to `go bush' and discover the natural wonders of WA's south-west.

The dream was finally realised in September 1998 with the opening of the `new' Bibbulmun Track following a major upgrade, realignment and extension of the old track.

The Track is named after an Aboriginal group from an area in the vicinity of Albany. Although its route does not follow their traditional pathways, as you walk on the Track you may well become attuned to the spirit of the Bibbulmun who journeyed on foot over long distances to care for and to celebrate their land.


The New Bibbulmun Track

Opened on September 13th, 1998, the newly aligned, upgraded and extended Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's great long distance walk trails, stretching 963.1kms from Kalamunda to Albany (map) through the heart of the scenic South West of Western Australia. Distances along the track are available here.

Track Facilities

There are 48 shelters along the Track, which are never more than a day's walk apart. In the Northern section between Kalamunda and Albany, they are only 10 kms apart, while further south they average 20 kms apart. Great maps and guides detail sections suitable for walkers of all levels of experience -- or join our hardy band of End-to-Enders and go the whole way!

As well as a 3-sided timber shelter, each campsite has a sit-down pit toilet, rainwater tank, picnic table and tent sites. In addition most have a fireplace except the Yourdamung and Blackwood campsites in the North and all sites to the South and East of the Shannon River in the South. To help preserve the environment, use of fuel stoves for cooking is encouraged.

Currently all track facilities are free and offered on a first come, first served basis. However, groups of more than 8 may not occupy a shelter before 6pm. In case the shelters are full, all walkers are advised to take a tent or bivvy bag. Alternatively, if you don't want to carry a full pack or camp out on the Track, there are nine towns along the way offering a wide range of accommodation as well as walker-friendly services such as pick-ups and drop-offs.

Additional accommodation can be found along the route and options are published in a 'Guide to Accommodation & Services' by the the Friends of the Bibbulmun Track.

Planning Your Walk

Planning your walk is probably the single most important step of a hike.

Planning a Bibbulmun Track walk must take into account the variations in weather across the Southwest as well as transport to and from the limited access points (indicated by a red car on the maps).

Some people simplify their walks by going to a point such as a campsite and returning (the Track always looks different going back!). Others stay in B&B's near the Track where hosts provide a pick up and drop off service. Some walkers use public transport or taxis, and others park a car at each end of their walk.

Whatever the weather or length of walk, always set out with good walking shoes, protective clothing, insect repellent, sunscreen, and at least 2 litres of water per person. For mufti-day walking in the warmer months contact the relevant CALM District Office for an update on campsite water tank levels. (CALM officers will also have plenty of tips and contacts for anyone planning a walk in their area.)

There is also a `Getting On Track' video which covers all the main topics including equipment you may need. This video is available for hire or sale from Ranger Camping stores, and other leading camping retailers.

What You Might Need

Ranger Camping Online has many camping checklists to make sure you take all that you need for a safe and enjoyable trip- wherever you are going.

Some of Ranger's checklists are:

Note: The above Adobe Acrobat files offer much higher print quality and will be faster to download.

Finding Your Way

Whether you want to walk independently or with a guided tour, for an afternoon or for 8 weeks, the Bibbulmun Track provides the opportunity for an adventure that you'll never forget.

Regardless of age or experience, anyone in reasonable health can discover the joys of walking on the Track.

Although the Track is clearly marked with gold `waugal' (mythical snake) triangles, for safety it is important to always carry a map and know where you are. There are 8 excellent maps and North & South guidebooks available.

Disabled Access

Designated as a single use trail for walkers only, it can easily be damaged by bikes and horses. However the sections from Brookton Highway to Brookton Campsite, and Harris River Road to Harris River campsite and on to Caversham Road, can also be used by people in wheelchairs.

Who Are The 'Friends of The Bibbulmun Track'?

The Friends of the Bibbulmun Track is an incorporated, not-for-profit, community-based organisation established to provide support for the management, maintenance and marketing of the 'new' Bibbulmun Track. More information about The Friends.

Whilst CALM will continue to act as the manager of the Track, the Friends will ensure that the Track "remains a long distance walk trail of international significance and quality."

What we do:

  • Encourage community participation, ownership and education.

  • Develop opportunities for tourism, employment and training.

  • Advocate the protection of natural and historical heritage values of the Track.

  • Attract funds and other resources.

  • Promote the track as accessible to all!

More Information about The Friends.

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