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Ranger Camping Online - Australia's Family Camping Equipment Specialists
Ranger Camping Online - Australia's Family Camping Equipment Specialists
Ranger's Sleeping Bags

Your Sleeping Bag is probably one of your most important camping items, whether you are a weekend warrior, arctic adventurer, or family camper you need a bag that suits your needs.

At Ranger we stock many brands and types of sleeping bags to help you make the right choice.


10C temperature ratings refer to a bag most suitable for summer camping (or children who sleep in tracksuits).

5C temperature ratings are suitable for all-year round family camping in Australia, if you are on an insulating matt and are within a tent or other enclosure.

0C temperature ratings are for the cold sleepers, or if the average nightly temperature of where you are heading drops to between 0 and 5C on a regular basis.

-5C ratings are for those that wish to keep cosy on very cold nights, maybe you are going to camp at higher altitude? Or maybe you just fancy being warm in all conditions (you can always unzip the bag to cool it!)

Oztrail HOLIDAY series

This series of sleeping bags is ideal for family camping; they are affordable, and are a reasonable size and weight for car-camping.

Oz Trail ADVENTURE Series

The all hooded series for those wanting that little bit extra in a sleeping bag, but not planning to hike with it!

Slumber Trek EXPLORER series

Large, warm, double polyester walled, mummy shaped sleeping bags for even more warmth from a lighter bag. ie. same weight EXPLORER bag will be warmer than an equivalent weight ADVENTURE series bag.

Slumber Trek TRAVELLER Series

Similar in construction to the EXPLORER series but using a soft touch ripstop nylon inner, for better compression. Suitable for hikers wanting a polyester sleeping bag.

Slumber Trek ENDEAVOR Series

Breaking into the top range of sleeping bags, the ENDEAVOR series feature 80% high loft grey duck down filling for a very warm and compact sleeping bag.

Slumber Trek COLUMBIA Series

The extreme sleeping bags, utilising 90% high loft white goose down, these bags are some of the lightest and most compact you will find.

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