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Wilderness Wear thermals are a double jersey knit as opposed to the more usual single jersey which results in them being a little thicker. The sleeves are Raglan cut for comfort and mobility. The Raglan sleeve means there is no shoulder seam which could chafe especially if wearing a back pack. All seams are double sewn flat for comfort and strength.

Polartec, like other fleeces, is made from polyester. However it is non pilling which means that the surface of the fabric will not develop little fluffy balls all over it within days of buying it like the cheaper fleeces will. The polartec used by Wilderness Equipment is velour/velour which means that it has a non pill surface inside and out. Some fleeces cut corners and only make one surface non pilling. This could mean that one of the surfaces will pill and obviously look terrible.

Being polyester it is very easy to maintain. Firstly it seldom needs washing. Most colours do not show the dirt and the material does not absorb smells easily or crease easily. When you decide to wash the garment they are easy to wash. They can be washed in a washing machine and will be almost totally dry from the spin dryer. Tumble drying should only be done on a low heat. (Do not use a laundromat one which only has hot or hotter). With all polartec do not use fabric softeners.

Polartec is very comfortable to wear and is very warm. Polartec 200 will replace a heavy sweater or light jacket.

These Accessories are available in a variety of styles, materials and prices. All of them are designed to keep you warm to varying degrees. Prices vary according to quality and warmth required and start from as low as $3.95.





Microlite Proof 3 fabric is the material used in the Strider and Million Miler jackets. Proof 3 is a waterproof and breathable polyester using a hydrophilic, polyurethane laminate. The moisture is transferred away from the surface of your clothing via a series of molecular stepping stones. It doesn't have holes as such, but uses the temperature differential to draw moisture to the outside of the fabric as a gas rather than as a liquid. Hydrophilic coatings are claimed to work better because pores don't become blocked with dirt, grease or salt. The third layer is a tricot mesh on the inside of the fabric.



clothundies.JPG (7515 bytes)
Thermal Underwear
Polypropylene long sleeve top. Double jersey knit long sleeve thermal top. Sizes: XS (Navy only), S, M, L, XL, 2XL.
Colours assorted.

ID 20.200.0958 to 975 $32.95
Polypropylene short sleeve top. As per long sleeve.
ID 20.200.0943 to 957 $25.25
Polypropylene long johns.
ID 20.200.0976 to 993 $32.95
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cloth854.JPG (9564 bytes)

Polartec P854 Longline Jacket
P200 Longline jacket with full zip, waist draw cord, two zippered hand warmer pockets and base draw cord. Colours: Burgundy/Moonlight and Moonlight/Burgundy. Sizes: S-XL.
ID 20.200.1229 to 236 $142.95

cloth858.JPG (11487 bytes)
Polartec P858 Longline Jacket
P200 Adults full zip jacket with two hand warmer pockets and a windbreak front. Colours: Navy, Moonlight, Pine and Burgundy. Sizes: S-2XL
ID 20.200.1239 to 259 $131.95
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clothbeanie.JPG (4744 bytes)
Beanies, Balaclavas, Mitts, Gloves,
Scarves and other accessories.

Ski Beanie. Bright hi bulk acrylic striped and plain coloured.
ID 20.200.0764 $19.75
Ragg Balaclava. Wool balaclava with tailored top. Colour Fleck. Price $17.95
ID 20.200.0755 $19.75
Acrylic Gloves. Knitted acrylic gloves.
ID 20.300.0015 $4.35
Wool Gloves. Knitted wool gloves.
ID 20.300.0071 $5.45
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clothstrider.JPG (8442 bytes)

Microlite Strider
The strider incorporates a hood which can be rolled and held in place. It also has a map pocket behind the front zip touch tape closure. It is fully seam sealed and is made from the 3 layer proof fabric. This fabric is extremely soft and comfortable as well as being waterproof and breathable. Equally at home on the strenuous hike or a tour of the sights. Colours: Navy and Green. Sizes: XS(Navy) S-2XL Navy and Green.
ID 20.200.1211 to 221 $241.95

clothmiler.JPG (9007 bytes)
Microlite Million Miler
Designed for travelling this jacket combines the performance of the 3 layer 'Proof' fabric with features that lightweight travellers or hikers would appreciate. It comes with a mesh storage bag to pack it away in, a stowaway wired hood, map pocket and two zipped handwarmer pockets. Fully seam sealed with an elasticated waist drawcord it is an extremely comfortable and good looking jacket. Colours: Navy and Green. Sizes XS(Navy) S-2XL Navy and Green.
ID 20.200.1199 to 210 $274.95
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