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Ranger Camping Online - Australia's Family Camping Equipment Specialists
Ranger Camping Online - Australia's Family Camping Equipment Specialists
Caravan Accessories

Ranger Camping Supply a full range of caravan parts and accessories - Everything from replacement window latches to jockey wheels to chemical toilets.

We have illustrated only a small fraction of our caravan accessories here, so if you don't see what you are looking for - don't hesitate to contact us.

COUPLEMATE HOOKUP GUIDE 10.210.0325 $49.30
This is a 'Hassle free' coupling accessory to aid hitching of caravans, boats and trailers. It avoids damage to the vehicle and helps with one person hitching. It suits a standard tow ball.
cvancplMate.jpg (6926 bytes)
FIAMMA BI-POT 125 & 125L CHEMICAL TOILETS 10.290.0042; 10.290.0043

Quality Italian made chemical toilets can go anywhere.

These toilets:

  • Are easy to carry and empty and comes with attached cleaning brush.
  • Have a slide valve that's easy to dismantle.
  • Inclide a large discharge outlet with a semi transparent lid.
  • Have a solid and practical pump that can be completely taken apart.
  • Include a waste tank with smooth surface making it simple to clean.
  • Are made from one piece without seams for no leaks.

    Spare parts are available.

For a comprehensive look at the Bi-Pot range, visit Fiamma's website.

cvanptToilet.jpg (5866 bytes)
ALUMINIUM STACKING STANDS 10.210.0326 $48.55 (pair)
These are stabilisers only and should not be used to lift the caravan. They are adjustable from 280mm to 457mm above the ground. Smooth, effortless adjustment is assured by rolled threads. They are sold in sets of two.
cvanJack.jpg (6502 bytes)
STANDARD JOCKEY WHEEL 150mm 10.210.0294 $51.65
This Alco product is the standard jockey wheel used on most caravans and trailers. It comes complete with single clamp.
cvanjockey.jpg (6606 bytes)
POWER JOCKEY WHEEL 10.210.0295 $255.70
This is a ratchet jockey wheel which assists in the manual movement of a caravan or trailer. It uses the same clamp as the standard jockey wheel.
cvanPJockey.jpg (7424 bytes)
This is a heavy duty but light in weight portable step for caravanners and campers. Made by Fiamma in Italy it comes in assorted colours.
cvanStep.jpg (6242 bytes)
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