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Ranger Camping Online - Australia's Family Camping Equipment Specialists
Schrade: American made pocket and hunting knives since 1904
Schrade Knives - The Quality Knife
  1. Handbook of Knife Knowledge and terms - A manual intended primarily as an introduction to the cutlery industry.
  2. Common Knife Blades - Illustrations of the most commonly used Knife blades
  3. Sketches of a Cutaway Knife - Illustrations showing various springs, blade positions and multiblade knife 'crink'.
  4. Various Tang Varieties Used - Illustrations of blades sporting different 'tangs'.
  5. Schematic of the components of a Schrade 'Old Timer' Knife - A full dismantled drawing of the components of Schrade's 'Old Timer' or 'Uncle Henry' knives. It illustrates many of the parts of knives described under 'Blade Terminology' and 'Hunting Knives Terminology'
The Blades Used in Schrade Knives

All of the materials that go into Schrade knives are of the highest quality and have been selected for use after extensive testing. The most important part of a knife is the blade and the steel that it is made from. In selecting the steel for a knife blade we look at two main attributes:

  • The ability of the blade to hold an edge when properly heat treated, and:
  • The ease of resharpening once the edge is dull.

Over the years we have settled on two steels that we feel give the best all around results in our knives. One is a high carbon steel and the other is a stainless steel.

We use AISI 1095 high carbon steel in our Old Timer knives (except where noted). This is a very traditional cutlery steel which has a carbon content of between 0.95 % and 1.05 % .1095 steel is famous for both its edge hold ability and resharpening ease. One of the characteristics of this steel is that it will darken or discolor with use, especially if used on meats or fruits. Care must also be taken with a carbon steel knife in order to prevent rust. The blades should be kept dry and lightly oiled occasionally.

On our Uncle Henry line and Heritage line we use AISI 440A stainless steel. Knives with this steel will have a Schrade+ in their tang stamp. 440A gets its stainless properties from the inclusion of 17% chrome with 0.7% carbon in the steel. We have found that 440A is equally as good a cutlery steel as 1095, as well as having the added benefit of a high degree of stain and rust resistance.

Typical chemical composition of 1095 and 440A are given below.


Steels Used in Schrade Knives- Chemical Composition


1095: Ladle (Sample)

Limits (%)

Phosphorous (max)
Sulfer (max)


440A: Ladle (Sample)

Limits (%)



Liners (or Scales)

The handles or covers are riveted to pieces of metal called liners or scales. Most Schrade knives are made with solid brass liners that will not rust.

All knives have at least two liners, and multiblade knives may have more. Liners in the middle of a knife separating it into partitions for housing the blades are called "center liners" and are usually made of the same material as the two outside liners.


The Handle (or Cover)

The handle of a knife is called, in trade phraseology, a cover. In Schrade knives the materials used are as follows:


DelrinŽ A durable material which will not break, chip, swell or shrink
StaglonŽ Saw-cut Delrin to simulate Stag, shock proof and unbreakable.
Bone Shinbone of beef cattle, dyed various colors and cut and shaped to size.

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